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Vegan heroes

I would like to congratulate The Guardian. I don’t know who wrote this article because I couldn’t find the name of the author, but congrats to her/him as well.

A story about an Italian baby who was malnourished by his parents has been the source of so much negative press from big media, and even independent media is struggling to cover it from an unbiased, fact-driven perspective, because the parents happen to be vegan.

The Young Turks kind of tried, but fell way short. (Cenk Uygur seems close to getting it, but he’s obviously blocking himself from having to make this massive shift. I know he could make the connection if he wanted to because I was once exactly where he is right now.)

The reason I’m impressed with this writer for The Guardian is that it’s so much easier, at this point in time, to go with a sensationalist headline  – something about vegan parents = child abuse – than to write a positive piece about the health and nutritional benefits of raising children vegan.

And major kudos to the mothers who were willing to share their stories with the press at  a time when they might legitimately fear negative backlash. They are today’s heroes!

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