Bernie Sanders 2016!


I’ve never been affiliated with a political party. But now I’m a registered Democrat, for one reason and one reason only. I’m from the state of Maine, and we have closed primaries, which means that I can only vote for Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee if I’m a registered Democrat.

I may be wrong – I don’t have ALL the relevant information – but it seems to me (at least at this stage of the game) like the most precipitous slope Bernie supporters will have to surmount will be ousting Hillary Clinton in the primaries. I, like many others, have been disengaged from politics for a very long time, for many of the same reasons Russell Brand discusses on his Youtube show, The Trews (silly as the name may be, which he, himself, admits in one episode if you go back far enough). But now I genuinely feel that I have someone to vote for who actually represents me and what’s important to me and to the welfare of my family, and that of future generations. What politician, in your recent memory, has actually spent his/her time fighting for what’s best for you rather than spending that time fighting to convince you that you’ll benefit from the policies their benefactors are gunning for (even though it’s obvious you won’t).

If you want Bernie to have a shot at being elected and you’re not a registered Democrat, FIND OUT NOW whether your state has closed primaries. If it does, then register as a Democrat so you can vote! If you live overseas like me, then go here!



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